For Android policy google chrome is come with your new android phone, Android is customizable and you have So many alternative apps for everything.
If you looking for alternative for chrome, or looking for a great browser with feature here is my favorite Five Android Browser

# Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is now available for android And it’s now based on google chromium. Microsoft edge now available for Windows ios macOS and android. With cross platform sync with Microsoft account. If youre looking for chrome alternative and youre Windows 10 user then it can be best choice.

# Kiwi Browser
Another chromium Based  browser for android with Google chrome Extension support. If you use google chrome for Windows/ Linux pc you must know how great chrome Extension is. With kiwi browser you can use all chrome Extension in Android.

# Brave Browser
Brave is chromium Based Browser For Android ios Windows and Linux operating systems. If youare chrome user and looking for a alternative for chrome browser then brave Willbe one of the best choices in some case it is faster then chrome. You will love it if youre existing chrome user. In Android you can use AdBlocker what you can’t find in Android version of chrome And also you can use Brave Reward. In brave reward thay will give you money for using Brave Browser by showing you ads and yes if you don’t like it you can stop it. Brave team announced thay will add Chrome extension support for android in this year
Friendly ui
Brave Reward

#Puffin Web Browser
If you don’t have a pc, or you Need a work to do in Desktop view in web page Then You’ll love The puffin browser. It Desktop view and mouse feature made for web view in Android phone

# firefox focus
If you love browsing incognito mode in youre browser you probably love firefox focus. It more secure then normal incognito mode. It one tab browser with no history collecte. Privacy focus browser. You can use it like 2nd browser  in your android