Google Drive is most popular online File storage and sharing Platform. it’s Download speed  and 15 Gb free for all Google  accounts and user friendly looks make it only choice. But when Any YouTubers  or someone publicly share Google drive file link in social media it’s show ‘Sorry You can’t view or download this file at this time’ Google drive put limits on downloading file.
Today post is about

How to fix Google drive file download problems

domo File

When we want to download our demo file google drive show this error massages

Sorry You can’t view or download this file at this time error

when large No. Of people View or want to download same file Google Locked the file for 24 hours. It may take long or short time depends on how many people want to download file, In the meantime if you want to download the file you have to follow these steps.

  • Open File in Google Drive Android apps by clicking open in new window
  • Select Make a copy
  • Select My drive
  • Chose a folder or home page to copy file in your google drive
  • now it will create Copy of the file in your google drive account

Now you can download the file Without waiting.

Tips:- To share copied file with your friends. Turn on Link sharing.

Copy the link and share with your friends and family.

Note:- the file will copied in your drive so make sure you have enough storage in your google drive